If you ask any C suite executive what “analytics” means to their business, you will get a different answer today than you did last year, 5, or 10 years ago. Most executives will tell you that analytics has grown from being a way to examine the results of your business to being at the forefront of the innovation and growth. Organizations are now placing data at the forefront of their products and services.

Join our webinar on Tuesday, March 13, at 12pm EST,  to learn what has changed in the analytics landscape.  Learn how to avoid the major pitfalls which prevent your organization from growth and the steps engineering leads are taking to avoid these pitfalls to reduce risks and overhead, and boost their teams productivity.

Watch our webinar to learn

  • How disparate data integrations, unreliable data flows, and makeshift analytics structures end up creating engineering headaches
  • The major problems with this analytics structure, including regulatory and security risks, high overhead, and disgruntled engineers
  • Learn the new approach to an optimal analytics infrastructure and how getting your ETL process right is critical to its success
  • See a demo and learn how Etleap can save you on engineering hours and decrease time to value for your Amazon Redshift analytics projects