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Webinar: 5 steps to a data lakehouse that works

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5 steps to a data lakehouse that works

Data is core to innovation in the financial services space. But a legacy data stack and mindset can stifle innovation through structural roadblocks between data users and the data.

Financial powerhouse Morningstar and its leading research depend on timely, accurate, and contextualized data. In this talk, Morningstar’s Head of Core Data will share the 5 steps they’ve taken to harmonize their financial expertise with their strategic data assets for fast experimentation and winning data products.


This webinar is for:

IT executives, financial services leaders, data engineers and architects looking to:

  • IT executives,
  • Financial services leaders, and
  • Data engineers and architects

...that want to:

  • Reduce data engineering costs,
  • Gain more value from an AWS data lake/lakehouse, and
  • Put data at data consumers' fingertips
Jeff Hirsch
Main Speaker

Jeff Hirsch

Head of Technology - Core Data Platform, Morningstar

Christian Romming

Christian Romming

CEO, Etleap

Alvin Huang Headshot (AWS FS BD)-2

Alvin Huang

Capital Markets Specialist for Worldwide Financial Services, AWS



May 17th

at 9:00AM PST

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